Product Condition



Purchasing b2b liquidation merchandise is a great way to stock your shelves, however, it is not like purchasing new-to-market inventory. Please pay careful attention to the description and photos; familiarize yourself with AD DATA Supply's product conditions as defined below:



NEW: This merchandise is in its original packaging and includes all features as advertised by the manufacturer. Usually, these are overstock items that were entirely ready for retail sale but never made it to the shelves.


REFURBISHED: These items are used but have been inspected, tested, and restored to full working condition. They rarely come in original packaging and usually do not come with manuals, documentation or additional parts and accessories. The condition of refurbished items can range from visually perfect to imperfect with noticeable cosmetic defects and blemishes, such as dents, scratches, and other signs of handling. Again, despite these defects, the merchandise is in full working condition.


SHELF PULLS: These are items that were at one time available for sale in stores but never purchased. They usually have assorted price tags and/or stickers, sometimes indicating multiple markdowns, and have been exposed to customer contact. In addition, since most of these items have been returned from retail stores back to the warehouse, they sometimes show signs of extra handling. Therefore, shelf pulls typically exhibit a wide range of individual package conditions.


CUSTOMER RETURNS: Returned merchandise was sold at retail, but returned by the customer. Many customer returns are damaged. Unless the condition of a specific item in this lot is explicitly stated, you should not make any assumptions about it other than that it may be ripped, torn, scratched, non-functional or otherwise damaged. Do not make any assumptions regarding what percentage of the lot is saleable in its current condition - all customer return items are sold AS-IS. Please read the listing description for any additional details regarding the condition of the items in the lot. It should be assumed that the items are uninspected by the seller unless otherwise stated in the listing description.


USED: These items were sold at retail and used by customers to varying degrees (i.e. light use, moderate use, and heavy use). These items often possess noticeable cosmetic blemishes including dents, scratches, and other signs of age and handling. They rarely come in original packaging and usually do not have original documentation, additional parts, and/or accessories. Used merchandise is minimally tested to meet only the most basic requirements of functionality — they may not be in optimal working condition and may require additional maintenance and repair.


TESTED NOT WORKING – Inventory has gone through preliminary testing and has failed a technical functionality and/or physical condition test. NO REPAIR HAS BEEN ATTEMPTED on this inventory. Packaging may be in various states including: opened, distressed and/or missing. There may be units that lack essential components, accessories and documentation.


Typically, yield rate after technicians work on repairing the product could produce 30% to 60% working items. This inventory can be repaired with basic technical skills such as firmware upgrades, software fixes, hard resets, and parts harvesting/swapping. This is not a guarantee; simply an estimate based on our experience with this inventory grade.




There may be units that lack essential components, accessories and documentation. The actual boxes/pallets may be adjusted or combined to save space and cost on shipping.




The packaging may be in various states including: opened, distressed and/or missing.


Warranty Information:


Warranties are not valid on any TESTED NOT WORKING inventory. All TESTED NOT WORKING inventory are sold “AS IS” – cosmetic and operational condition is not guaranteed.





SALVAGE: Salvage merchandise has been identified as defective for reasons concerning functionality, appearance, or both. Salvage assets can usually only be used for parts but there is no assurance the particular parts you want haven't already been removed as they are untested. As an example, if you are purchasing "Salvage" computers, DO NOT ASSUME that the hard drives are still inside, they may not be. Additionally salvage phones and wireless devices may be iCloud locked, user locked and/or have bad ESN/IMEI numbers and will not be eligible for refund. If you have specific questions, please ask us before buying. Be sure to carefully evaluate the photos and manifest details of all salvage auctions prior to placing a bid to make sure that you are aware of all known merchandise defects. Again, mobiles sold under this condition may have any number of issues such as user-id locks, water damage or they may have been harvested for parts, any listing described as "Salvage" will not be eligible for any return or make-good by the B-Stock or the seller for reasons related to condition.